Grupo AP Soluciones en seguridad has remained at the cutting edge in matter of security, as it operates effectively through constant innovation, knowledge and the correct use of technology, as well as through the establishment of strategic alliances with leading companies in its field.

January 1994

Intelligence Unit.

Assigned to the analysis and synthesis of the information compiled for the subsequent planning of operations and the intelligent use of resources.

Creating the Research Department

Along with personnel qualified with higher education, in charge of technical inspection and the gathering of evidence for the imputation of responsibilities.

Incorporating Critical Vision Center.

With the design and implementation of personnel and resource management software, we incorporate high technology for monitoring our operation through the Critical Vision Center.

January 1996

Creating the Center for Trust Control and Talent Evaluation (TCTE).

We innovate our recruitment and selection process with the creation of the Trust Control and Talent Evaluation Center (TCTE), which reinforces our experience with the best evaluation processes.

Creating the Technological Laboratory.

The Technological Laboratory is created to provide analytical and research services specialized in equipment and high information technologies.

January 1998

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

Our Board of Directors has been trained through ASIS: a professional organization that gathers security experts, responsible for issuing various certifications, standards, and guidelines for the professionalization of security.

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